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Social Media Strategy
Promote your Brand and Interact with Your Fans.
Social Media Monitoring
Our Experts Track and Quantify the Results of Your Campaign
Social Media Management
We identify the Best Social Platforms to meet Your Marketing Goals
Online Marketing

Promote your content where your target audience is most likely to see it.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - You Name it; We Manage It.

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Transform Your Business with Social Media Marketing

We test different approaches to fine-tune an effective, engaging social media strategy. Our experts provide regular reports to show you what is working for your brand and why.

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See How It Works

The process is critical to executing an effective strategy, so we strongly believe in having a well-planned process in place.

  1. Discover the Right Channels

    Each channel has its strength and weaknesses. Our experts identify the best channels to connect with your audience.

  2. Build Your Audience

    The first step to building a following is figuring out who you want to target. We tweak your campaign to make sure it stays relevant.

  3. Create the Best Strategy

    We pair social media campaigns with content marketing and SEO best practices for lead generation.

Some Of Our Clients Feedback


Tracey Thomas


Spantik took us into a new realm of social media – Instagram. And because of this, we’re seeing great results.


Robert Hughes

Birlesik Odeme

Spantik was very helpful in increasing my knowledge of SEO. They helped me realize what I need to do to increase traffic to my newly built website. I also had a discussion over the keywords as well as new search trends. SEO experts at Spantik also were kind to spend extra time and answer all the questions I had.


Chris Romero


I contacted Spantik when starting my paid Facebook campaign. They helped me get things rolling. The Social Media experts have a ton of knowledge and I was quite impressed with their exceptional customer service.


Andy DelMonte

Golden Age Companions

Web developers at Spantik have been very knowledgeable of our business goals. They helped design a website to strengthen our positioning in the digital market.


Floyd white

Motors & Drive

We are happy with our digital presence and traffic we are seeing since initiating business with Spantik. Our organic ranking has improved in the two months that we have been using their services. The friendly customer service is definitely the key ingredient to what makes our Spantik experience so much fun.


Phillip Anderson


I contacted Spantik to optimize my social pages and set up a website. Each member of the team was helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Follow-up calls I must say made things a lot easier. I’d definitely want to continue working with them for a long time.